the new modular control panel that rewrites the history
of video door entry systems

Comelit’s innovative product combines technology, durability, elegance and simplicity at the service of installers and users.

ULTRA is, above all, versatile, perfect both for smaller contexts, such as cottages and small apartment blocks, and for large residential complexes.

“With ULTRA we are rewriting the history of video door entry systems: a product that marks a new direction, marking a before and an after in the industry market. The perfect synthesis that encapsulates all the efforts made to conceive a product that we are certain will become a benchmark in the market, clearly differentiating us from the competition.

For all of us it was a very demanding and at the same time exciting challengeDifferent teams have worked hard to create a product that, as its name suggests, goes beyond what has already been seen and done. We studied the market and listened to the needs, creating a product that is both super-technological and very easy to use, as well as to install”.

I believe we have created a product that is truly capable of surprising the market in a positive way, capable of exceeding and exceeding the expectations of our customers. In this regard, I would also like to address a thought to all those professionals who have not yet tried Comelit: give us and you the opportunity to start doing just that by trying Ultra, our capillary sales network is ready to provide any kind of information in this regard, I remember that our products are distributed by all the major electrical material brands as well as by many other local distributors that allow us a large territorial presence, where you will find the material in stock and ready for delivery.

Finally, I would like to say a huge thank you to all our customers who have shown their trust for years and have been prodding us in a process of constant improvement”.


Bruno Pellegrini – Marketing Director of Comelit


“Ultra” in the sense of “going beyond”.


It is a philosophy that has always driven Comelit to improve, going beyond its limits.
It is a push button panel designed to simplify the life of those who choose it, therefore, from the professional to the end user
Ultra also aims to be the ambassador of Comelit’s values: the customer and his needs at the centre to which it responds, not only with the product, but also with a pre- and post-sales organisation capable of providing a positive experience starting from the first stages of the purchase process right up to the final installation. In addition to the aforementioned network of sales officers, Comelit also provides efficient telephone and field service support.

We developed ULTRA with the utmost attention to four aspects, ease of use, both for the installer and the end user; robustness and durability of materials and functions; elegance, suitable for any installation environment thanks to a wide range of options and a 100% Italian design; and the quality of all functions, both basic, such as audio and video, and new, starting with the digital touch address book based on a highly reliable TFT, a type of screen currently used in the marine and motorbike sectors.

It is a modular product line, complete in both video door entry technologies (2-wire and IP) and accessory modules, as well as in aesthetic proposals..”

An example? “Suffice it to say that for the call button alone we propose three different models: plastic, metal, where the plastic button is given sturdiness with an aluminium profile, and full metal, made entirely of aluminium, on which the name is imprinted using special laser technology.

We have provided a smart installation mode, such that simply pressing buttons in sequence assigns them an incremental call address. A simplification much appreciated during the numerous field tests carried out with the installers themselves. Not to mention the possibility of programming the address books from a smartphone, conveniently and quickly via the MyComelit app for professionals. On the other hand, as far as the end user is concerned, one of the many innovations is the user-friendliness of the digital address book: finding the desired flat will no longer be a problem as Ultra works just like a smartphone, which we are all used to by now”.


Sergio Nicoli – Comelit R&D director