Comelit SEA:

10 years of innovation and success in Asia.

From 15 to 19 May in Singapore, the Asia-Pacific meeting was held at Comelit South East Asia

The event involved all employees in the area and was an important opportunity to present Comelit’s innovative solutions in the security sector.
In addition, it was a moment of celebration on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the founding of Comelit SEA.

During the meeting, several solutions were presented, including fire alarm systems, PAC access control, CCTV and video door entry systems, with a particular focus on applications typical of the Asia-Pacific markets. Among the innovations presented was the facial recognition server, developed in-house by Comelit, which will soon be installed in several apartment blocks in Singapore and Vietnam, helping to further improve security levels

On the last day, Comelit Country Managers presented a detailed overview of their respective countries, analysing markets, applications and new trends. This exchange of information allowed them to share the needs and business opportunities in each region, stimulating a broader and more strategic vision for the future.

In addition to technological and commercial aspects, the meeting marked a moment of celebration for Comelit SEA’s 10th anniversary.

Gianluca Ferretti, APAC Regional Manager, commented on the milestone, highlighting the company’s consolidation in mature markets such as Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia, as well as expansion into fast-growing markets such as Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Japan.

Comelit’s presence in Asia has been crucial in responding to customer needs and developing customised solutions for large residential complexes. It has enabled us to offer a superior service to local customers, creating an environment of trust and comfort.

Comelit looks back with pride on the achievements of the past 10 years and is committed to continuing to be a reliable partner for its customers in Asia Pacific.



“A significant milestone that testifies to our strong presence in Asia; a magnificent and dynamic continent where, despite fierce competition, we have shown great openness, attentiveness and flexibility towards our customers, enabling us to develop perfect systems for residential applications in large complexes.”
Also in Asia-Pacific, With You. Always!!”


Gianluca FerrettiAPAC Regional Manager